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Enhancing care quality while lowering costs

Like many other healthcare providers, Härryda Municipality in Sweden wanted to improve care for patients with chronic wounds. In close collaboration with the municipality, OneMed ran a project to educate staff and arrange follow-up visits by wound care experts. The results of these efforts were carefully measured. These actions led to significantly improved patient outcomes and reduced the total cost of care when treating chronic wounds.

Thanks to this joint endeavor, the average healing time dropped from 40 to 12 weeks per wound. This reduction led to a significant drop in the total cost of care – on average the municipality saved €6,500 of the taxpayers’ money per wound each year. Savings were realized on items including medical supplies, travel and care time spent at the patients’ homes. Not only did patients recover faster from painful conditions, a substantial amount of the nurses’ time was freed up. One of the nurses in Härryda said the following about the project:

“We’ve raised our level of know-how about wounds and gained a lot of experience from the project, which has led to us having a better range of wound care supplies on hand. We’re now better prepared when a new wound care patient comes in, and the healing process usually progresses more quickly. We also work more closely with the clinics, they now understand that spending a bit more on medical supplies can result in cheaper treatment, since bandages have to be changed less often and wounds heal faster.”

Härryda’s story is not unique. The number of chronic wounds and their long healing times are typical of the experience of healthcare providers across Europe. The results Härryda achieved reflect typical improvements we have noted in the wound care initiatives we run every day in collaboration with our customers.
Our stories

All the way

Sometimes we need to send a package to a customer in a location that is not served by normal delivery services. One such is found in the archipelago outside of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Some of the islands are car free, which is one of the quirks that make the archipelago unique and charming, however, it also poses a practical challenge.

Since OneMed delivers nutrition products for the entire county of Västra Götaland, we have to ensure every patient receives the products that their lives depend on – regardless of where they live. So when we can’t use cars, we use mopeds. Thanks to Roger, our local contact, packages delivered to Brännö make it all the way to the patients’ front doors. We drop supplies off at the harbor and Roger picks them up on his moped and personally delivers them to the island’s older residents.
OneMed sends out 18,000 packages a day, which makes us one of the largest distributors in Sweden measured in total parcels delivered. Naturally, we are proud of our ability to always deliver.
Our stories

True customer service

At OneMed, we are passionate about helping healthcare providers reach their goals. One of the most important of which is ensuring their patients are satisfied.

When a young patient received a prescription for the wrong nutrition drink, OneMed ensured that the vital delivery was made to the child got in time.

The child’s mother sent the following letter:

“I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Sandra at OneMed. My son was prescribed the wrong nutrition product which meant he wouldn’t have any food for the weekend. If it hadn’t been for Sandra, who truly went above and beyond, I don’t know what we would have done. She made sure the right product was express delivered that night so that we would have food for my son the next morning. Sandra’s efforts were phenomenal and I want to thank her and OneMed’s customer support. Thank you so much and take good care of Sandra and your customer service team!”
With genuine dedication to helping our customers and their patients, OneMed’s customer service is a core part of our service offering. In this case, a mistake was resolved by quickly analyzing the situation and coordinating logistics, IT and our sales organization to ensure that a young patient received much needed nourishment and a family’s weekend was saved. That is what we call true customer service.