What we do

OneMed provides services, support systems and medical supplies to healthcare providers across Europe. We are more than just a supplier – we serve as a partner to our customers. For us, being a partner means that we adopt the same goals as our customers and always strive for mutual success.
All across Europe, healthcare systems are facing major challenges. The number of people needing care is on the rise as people are living longer. Many of these people are living with chronic diseases. Budget cuts and staff shortages are becoming the norm. And, in parallel, patients’ expectations of their healthcare providers are ever increasing.
As a partner that provides optimization services and medical supplies, we have a responsibility to play our part in solving these challenges – both for existing patients and for future generations. OneMed enables our customers to provide the right care more quickly by providing the right products and the right expertise to be able to utilize them. We measure our success by how well our healthcare customers reach their goals and visions:
Higher quality


Improve patient outcome

Lower cost


Lower the total cost of care

Improving environmentally

CSR & Environment

Social responsibility and environmental improvement

Environment, CSR and Quality

Our responsibility

The consumption of our planet’s resources is ever-increasing. Our environment is facing serious threats and public awareness of this is growing daily. Increasing numbers of consumers are choosing products based on the conditions and treatment of the workers who produce them.

At OneMed, we take responsibility for the entire value chain. We do this by ensuring that our products are produced under fair conditions, by choosing the most environmentally friendly transportation possible and by applying a quality philosophy that steers our work processes, environmental initiatives and social responsibility.
We take the same approach to environmental work as we apply when implementing our other improvement initiatives – we believe tangible action with measureable results far outweighs grand statements and empty promises. We are putting this into practice in many ways. For example, we are promoting the use of more trucks that run on RME100 (biofuel), we offer climate offsets as part of our contracts and actively drive change in our industry by, in collaboration with our customers, setting more stringent requirements for our suppliers.
We are also actively contributing to societal issues and workers’ rights. Currently, our industry is not a leader in terms of CSR, and changing structures that have been in place for decades, takes time. But this is of central importance to us and we will not stop raising standards nor will we relinquish our objective of improving people’s everyday lives. Internally, our work complies with certified quality guidelines that cover the marketing, sales and distribution of medical supplies, and the production and service of such supplies. OneMed is certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001.
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Working at OneMed

At OneMed, we are dedicated to our work and share one common goal: we always strive to create value for our customers.
We have three values that drive everything we do: Caring for customer, Passion for improvement and Taking responsibility. It is crucial that all OneMed employees share these core values and understand how they contribute to our business.

We believe a diverse workforce comprising people with varied types of experience and backgrounds creates an efficient and dynamic workplace. In turn, this leads to happy colleagues and improved, long-term results.

If you are interested in a career at OneMed, you can find information about positions available on your country’s local website or by contacting the local HR representative for more information.